Ringer Cranes

HLCC owns and operates a series of ringer cranes based upon a proven concept capable of lifting critical loads up to 6.800 t (7,495t/us). The modular components including boom and jib sections, ring parts and winches are transferable from one capacity crane to another. Adding more of the same parts increases the lifting capacity and height, making the crane very flexible in its areas of application. The LRC 7500 standard main boom comprises 170,6m (559 ft) in length and can be extended with a jib of 66,5m (218 ft) with a max. lifting capacity of 3.000 t(3,306 t/us). The LRC 7500 has a max achievable boom height of 237,1m (778 ft).

As an example:

At an outreach of 100m (328 ft) with a hook height up to 170m (558 ft) the lifting capacity is 970t (1070 t/us).HLCC has an in-house R&D and engineering discipline capable to re-design the cranes to meet alternative project specific requirements

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The crane is mounted on a large diameter twin ring, supported by hydraulic jacks/bogies for an optimal load distribution. The bogies are equipped with a leveling system up to 250mm (9,84 inch) for versatile settlement compensation. With a 360 degrees slewing capability and a rotating speed of 180 degrees in 10 min, the LRC 7500 offers the quickest slewing operations in its class.

LRC 7500

The LRC 7500  has a fully functional load chart at wind speeds up to 15,6m/s and is capable of withstanding hurricanes up to 67 m/s. There is no need to boom down and reserve valuable space at the project site in such an event.

The HLCC cranes are built to meet the most demanding needs of projects including, but not limited to: nuclear power development, oil & gas platform fabrication, offshore wind development, decommissioning, FPSO/ FLNG and marine construction.